BLExplr – Bluetooth Low Energy Explorer

BLExplr is an app to find, connect and browse Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices nearby. The simple app can be used to connect to a given BLE peripheral, browse through the services which are provided. Moreover the characteristics of a given service can be browsed. The current version of the App supports read, write, notify and indicate characteristics. One peripheral can be connected at the same time. If the app is running in the background, indicate and notify characteristics will wake up the app to show the changed value to the user.

In order to use this app, at lease an iPhone4S is necessary. Newer ones support BLE as well. The App will not work on an iPhone4, iPhone3GS, iPhone3G or iPod touches. I have not implemented the app as universal app so there is no iPad UI available.

Since there are not so many BLE peripherals available on the market, this app is a good tool for developers to see if their developed peripherals behave as intended.

I have implemented this app, and it’s predecessor “iBLE” during the development of the BLE Shield to see how they will interact. Since many people already asked me about iBLE I decided to reimplement iBLE as BLExplr and do lot of code cleanups.

A very nice feature of BLExplr is, that service and characteristics dictionaries are stored on the server. Using this feature a service or characteristic which is unknown to the iOS’s CoreBluetooth implementation, can be added easily by adding them to the server side dictionary. This dictionary can be downloaded manually in the settings of the app. In version 1.0 this must be done manually. You don’t need to download the dict, but some services and characteristics become more readable.

Please see the AppStore listing for the latest screenshots, since I no longer update this blog page with new screenshots.

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