Alpha Version of the BLE-Shields v2.0.0 ANCS firmware and Arduino Library available

Hello everyone, since I’m preparing for a two week dive vacation right now and I don’t wanted to keep the current status of the ANCS firmware development secret any longer, I pushed the current status of the code to my github repository: the corresponding Arduino Library can be downloaded from this link: The firmware and […]

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DKBLE11x OTA Add-On Module PCBs are available at OSHPark

Hello everyone, since I published the blog post about the BLE112/BLE113 OTA firmware upgrade functionality into BLExplr, users are asking me about the DKBLE11x module I created to test this. No I published the eagle files, a BOM and a link to OSHPark to order the PCB directly. The link to the github repo is: and […]

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Using BLExplr v1.6.0 to upgrade Bluegiga’s BLE112 or BLE113 firmware over the air (OTA)

Hello everyone, Bluegiga has released another SDK which supports OTA firmware upgrades. In v 1.2.2 of their SDK Bluegiga optimised the OTA procedure so I just digged into the Application Note “Implementing OTA Firmware upgrade”. After some issues on iOS and not knowing exactly how to deal with the “write without response” characteristics, I implemented […]

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BLE-Shield v2.0.0 – Explaining the update firmware feature using DFU mode.

Hello everyone, since the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 availability on is imminent, I described how to update the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 firmware to act as an iBeacon and back to the original BLE-Shield v2.0.0 firmware. The update procedure has been added to the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 description: Please let me know if you encounter any issues by writing […]

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Running a Java ME8 MIDlet on a STM32f4Discovery board…. I tried it…

Hello everyone, after I read an older Java Magazin Article about Oracle targeting the IoT world with it’s JavaME 8 platform I tried to install and run it on the STM32f4 discovery board. After downloading about 1GB of tools and installing it on a Windows7  machine, I finally flashed the discovery board with the VM. […]

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iBeacon and Estimote Beacon ranging with BLExplr v1.5.2+

Hello everyone, some people asked me how to use the ranging feature of BLExplr to range for beacons. So I decided to write a blog post describing how to achieve that. Please make sure that you have installed the latest version 1.5.2 of BLExplr installed. You can get it from this AppStore link for your […]

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BLE11x Evaluation Board OTA add-on module finished

Hello everyone, you might remember my post about my first OTA experiences with the BLE11x and SDK 1.2.1 Build91. I was using the bulky prototype hand soldered module as illustrated below. A few days ago I received the PCB I designed for my DKBLE11x OTA AddOn Module which is only about one square inch in […]

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Bluegiga BLE11x OTA experiences

Hello everyone, since Bluegiga added the possibility to upgrade the BLE11x modules firmware over the air (OTA) in v1.2 of their SDK I spend some time to test this features on the BLE112 and BLE113 Eval boards successfully. In order to prepare the setup I ordered some of the necessary SPI Flash Chips from Digikey […]

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Is only Apple allowed to build hardware iBeacons?

Hello everyone, after some people raised an interesting and I think important question concerning iBeacons as comment on my blogpost, I decided to write a post regarding those questions only. Feel free to comment on this post or start a discussion in the forum at where I opened an iBeacon related area. So back to the […]

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eInk Connector Shield

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago I found a 2.7 Inch e-Paper Display provided by Embedded Artists: It supports Arduino and is cheap EUR29 compared to other solutions in that size available in the web. When I hook i up to an Arduino UNO R3 it looks like this, which is described in their document […]

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