Let’s Cook!

The ideal cooking companion for your  iPad and iPhone

Let’s Cook! is a kitchen utility intended for households and hobby chefs. Let’s Cook! focuses on the cooking experience itself. We hope people will like to spend more time in the kitchen and invite friends and family like ourselves. We came up with an ideal representation for a recipe: a timeline. Most recipes in magazines only have a few steps which makes it look nice on paper but not ideal when it comes to putting the dish into reality. The timeline feature supports as many steps as you want. Also we made the experience that recipes are more easy to follow if you have at least one picture which describes what to do in each step and a time associated with it. We introduced three step categories which have a different color scheme so you can manage your time more efficiently:

– Preparation (orange): which is actual an execution step not involving a heat source
– Waiting or resting (dark gray): you do not have to do anything
– Cooking (red): a step which involves a heat source
– Hint (visialized as light gray box) : hints out a step if you come up with an idea,alternative while cooking it, watching a cooking show or reading a cooking book

Summing it up: cooking with the timeline becomes more like assembling a piece of furniture of a famous Swedish furniture company. The good news is that the same accounts for the recipe editor: The ultimate goal is to fill your cabinet up with your favourite recipes.

The features of Version 1.2:
– Recipe cabinet with filter possibilities and search
– Rich recipe Editor with support for English and German
– Universal iPhone and iPad app
– Recipe import and export from iCloud or Google Drive
– Recipe sharing with Airdrop and Email
– Shopping list export by attaching it to an Email
– Scale Ingredients up or down according to party size
– Find your own recipe alongside other recipes using spotlight search
– Timeline representation

If a feature is missing or you experience problems please, contact us. We will continue developing this app continuously.

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