BTstack LE Arduino Shield available at Seeedstudio’s Bazaar

Hello Makers!

A while ago Matthias Ringwald @mringwal (co-founder of BlueKitchen GmbH) and I were discussing a BTstack port for AVR-based embedded systems such as the Arduino. As an outcome, we co-designed the BTstack LE Arduino Shield which is now available for sale at Seeedstudio’s Bazaar.

The BTstack LE Arduino Shield is supported on the following boards – with at least 64 kB Flash (tested with IDE v1.6.4):

  • Arduino Mega 2560 R3
  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • Arduino Mega 1280
  • Sparkfun Mega 3.3 V

Since the Arduino Zero is now available support for the BTstack LE Arduino Shield on the Zero is in the works and will be added to the list of supported Arduino’s or should I better say Genuino’s pretty soon.

The following sample sketches are provided in the BTstack Arduino Library to get easy access in using the shield properly:

  • iBeacon Simulator
  • iBeacon Scanner
  • ANCS Client
  • LE Central
  • LE Peripheral

The detailed documentation about the BTstack LE Arduino Shield can be found at BlueKitchen’s webpage using the following link: Documentation and BTstack Arduino Library. Please feel free to discuss the use of the BTstack LE Arduino Shield in the BTstack Google Group.




4 Responses to BTstack LE Arduino Shield available at Seeedstudio’s Bazaar

  1. José Heriberto López Ruiz June 21, 2015 at 23:49 #

    Hi Michael!

    Congratulations for your new product!

    I just have a question…
    Would it be possible to use it as well with Arduino DUE, some day?

    Thanks & Regards!


    • Michael Kroll June 22, 2015 at 07:48 #

      Hello José

      Zero and Due Support is close. Matthias is already working on it.

      Thanks for your interest

  2. david kong November 4, 2015 at 18:56 #

    Hi Michael~

    I bought a BTstack LE Arduino Shield last week.

    I tried as the following steps.

    1. Connected your shield to Arduino due.
    2. Got a BT stack library from “”.
    3. Add the BT stack library by Arduino IDE Library manger.
    4. Set sketch is iBeaconScanner program.
    5. Verify/Compile and Upload to Arduino due.
    6. Browse the Serial Monitor in arduino IDE.

    But, the following message is continuing repeatedly.

    –> LOG — h4_process: invalid packet type 0xff.

    So, I tested Arduino due without the shield. The above same message happened identically.

    Would you tell me why this happen? I don’t understand the cause is BTstack library problem or Arduino due configuration problem.


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