CC-Debugger TagConnect (TC2030) Adapter

Hello everyone,

some people already asked my how to reflash the firmware of a BLEbee. Well in order to make the BLEbee as small as possible and not wasting a 2×5 header costing $1.50 each, I decided to use the TagConnect 2030 to flash the firmware of the BLEbee.

The PCB of the adapter I created is available from OSHpark using the following link 

Moreover the eagle design files can be downloaded from my Hardware Tools github repository:

This is how the adapter board looks like:


The TagConnect adapter I’m using is the one illustrated in the image below:


Finally the setup with the TI CC-Debugger I’m using to flash the BLEbee looks as follows:


Hope this helps to understand how I’m flashing the BLEbee and people who are interesting in reflashing them can use the board with the TC2030 as well.

Thank you very much,


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  1. Akshay November 6, 2014 at 04:09 #


    I would like to have all the components shows in the picture as I got BLEbee and would like to update firmware. It would be great if I can get example firmware with that, so I can directly make my BLEbee to master as I wanted.

    So , could you please let me know the price of it ?

    • Michael Kroll November 6, 2014 at 17:33 #

      the firmware is available on github for free.
      Take a look at:

      The sources of the hardware parts are listed in the post as well. The only thing that is not listed is the CC-Debugger from TI.
      You can get it from TI for approx. $49 as I know.

      Thank you very much,

      • Akshay December 16, 2014 at 03:55 #

        Hi Michael,

        thanks for your reply, I got all the hardware needed to update firmware and I could successfully update firmware, but I am looking for firmware that can make ble bee to work as Master ( central BLE ) instead of slave.
        Could you please guide me how could I get that firmware ?

        The firmware you mention above, it is actually work as slave, I am looking for master firmware.


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