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Finally the DropBeacon v1.0.1 iOS App is approved

Hello iBeacon enthusiasts, after a little struggle with the Apple Review Team, DropBeacon v1.0.1 was approved for the Apple App Store. You might have read the blog post at about Apple locking down iBeacon: The DropBeacon update was affected by this as well. The updated to v1.0.1 has no longer a UUID editor […]

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Hardware DropBeacon v1.0.0 finished.

Hello iBeacon enthusiasts, after some weeks of development, design adjustments, enclosure designs, firmware iterations and battery tests I finished v1.0.0 of my hardware DropBeacon. You might have read about the DropBeacon iOS app acting like a virtual DropBeacon but where is the real one? Here is version 1.0.0 of the DropBeacon:   The DropBeacon uses […]

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LILA – Long Independent Living Assistant

Hello everyone, after ages I published another article in the proceeding of the XII Usability Day in Dornbirn Austria: Kroll M., Schmidt-Weitmann S., Zecchino W., Otto U., Meienberger B., Brockes C. LILA – Long Independent Living Assistant in: Beiträge zum Usability Day XII, Assistenztechnik für betreutes Wohnen 16. Mai 2014 ISBN 978-3-89967-943-4 The article gives […]

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