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Alpha Version of the BLE-Shields v2.0.0 ANCS firmware and Arduino Library available

Hello everyone, since I’m preparing for a two week dive vacation right now and I don’t wanted to keep the current status of the ANCS firmware development secret any longer, I pushed the current status of the code to my github repository: the corresponding Arduino Library can be downloaded from this link: The firmware and […]

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DKBLE11x OTA Add-On Module PCBs are available at OSHPark

Hello everyone, since I published the blog post about the BLE112/BLE113 OTA firmware upgrade functionality into BLExplr, users are asking me about the DKBLE11x module I created to test this. No I published the eagle files, a BOM and a link to OSHPark to order the PCB directly. The link to the github repo is: and […]

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