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Preview of the K-Duino

Hello everyone, initially I was planning to use the ATmega2560, similar to the setup used on Sparkfun’s Mega Pro 3.3V to create an Arduino Clone of my own. I played around with an ATmega644p some months ago before I created the BLE-Shield but I stopped working on it due to the lack of spare time invested […]

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Arduino BLE Shield

BLE-Shield v1.0.0 Revision B Eagle- and Firmwarefiles v1.0.1 available at GitHub

Hello everyone, for another production run of BLE-Shields I adjusted some via distances on the PCB demanded by the assembler Seeedstudio. The resulting revision B PCB is already uploaded to my github account which can be accessed through the following link: The firmware v1.0.1 for the revision B board is similar to the revision A […]

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