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Is only Apple allowed to build hardware iBeacons?

Hello everyone, after some people raised an interesting and I think important question concerning iBeacons as comment on my blogpost, I decided to write a post regarding those questions only. Feel free to comment on this post or start a discussion in the forum at where I opened an iBeacon related area. So back to the […]

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eInk Connector Shield

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago I found a 2.7 Inch e-Paper Display provided by Embedded Artists: It supports Arduino and is cheap EUR29 compared to other solutions in that size available in the web. When I hook i up to an Arduino UNO R3 it looks like this, which is described in their document […]

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BLEBee and SODAQ: The perfect fit!

Hello everyone, this weekend I received a SODAQ beta board for some testing with the BLEBee and just grabbed some parts from my electronic boxes to create a “Plant Moisture Sensor”. The part list for this little project is: 1 SODAQ Moja Board 1 BLEBee ( 1 Groove Moisture Sensor ( 1 Groove Cable ( […]

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Videos are now on Vimeo

Hello everyone, today I moved my videos to Vimeo, since my Youtube videos were no longer available after I “deleted” my Google Plus account. I was somehow nagged all the time when I logged into Gmail and popups came up asking me to open a G+ account. The buttons were Yes, Yes maybe, and a […]

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Blog photos back again

Hello everyone, the photos in blog posts and pages are all back now (hopefully). If you find that something is missing somewhere, please let me know and I will add those back if I have backups somewhere. Thanks, Michael.

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Images gone… blog hacked?

Hello everyone, it seems that the blog was hacked yesterday night. I was able to recover the posts, but the images are lost. I will close the gaps asap so that the posts and pages are readable again. Sorry for any inconvenience, Michael.

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BLE-Shield v2.0.0 ready for Beta testing

Hello everyone, the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 now entered Beta Testing state. It is almost finished, but I want to get some makers the possibility to get an early access hands-on before it will be manufactured and available globally. The product description is already available in the Hardware section of this blog: The test sketches for Arduino UNO […]

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