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BLEtherm – An Arduino based Bluetooth Low Energy thermometer

Hello everyone, I was dealing with small embedded systems acting as weather stations for a long time now. I created a simple setup using a Sensirion SHT15 connected to an Arduino board which was posting temperature and humidity values using a Wifi shields some years ago. A great project which has replaced my DIY solution […]

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BLE-Shield iPhone App Sources available on github

Hello everyone, since I promised an iPhone Sample Application to access the Kickstarter BLE-Shield, I finished the app today and pushed it to the BLE-Shield github repository: The user interface is implemented similar to the Messages application of iOS. Yes, correct… you can chat with your BLE-Shield somehow and it’ll answer 😉 I will add some […]

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The BLE-Shield is finally on Kickstarter !

Hello guys, finally I managed to get the BLE-Shield, teamed up with Jonathan Prevo and Don Mallicot again. See the following link to get to the Kickstarter Project: I decided to startover on Kickstarter, since the initial poll I made to get an estimate how many people are interested in a shield, showed me […]

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Kickstarter Project “tōd:Connect Real World Actions to Mobile Devices and the Web”

The Kickstarter project “tōd:Connect Real World Actions to Mobile Devices and the Web” is now online, and I recommend all readers of my blog to visit the pages since I’m involved in this project as well. For people who were interested in the location micro cells I created as my first BLE hardware can […]

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Arduino Shield Prototype finished.

After spending some time on hardware- and software development I finally finished a first working prototype of an Arduino Bluetooth Low Energy Shield. A detailed story about the shield shown below can be found in the Hardware Section or directly using this link: Read what others are writing about the BLE Shield: […]

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