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Blueradios Development Kit (BR-EVAL-LE4.0-S2A) and the XBee form factor module BR-XB-LE4.0-S2 arrived

Hello everyone, During this week my BR-EVAL-LE4.0-S2A and BR-XB-LE4.0-S2 orders of Blueradios arrived. I have not yet had a chance to play around with it that much, but I hope to test it soon. Moreover I’m in good contact with other manufacturers as well, as I will test and write about other development kits is the […]

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“Mobile Computing Forum” started today!

Hello blog reader, in order to provide a better means of knowledge exchange on the BLE topic, especially the BLE Shield, I decided to install a forum software which is available at where users (including me) can discuss together without need to comment on blog posts only. in the forum we can discuss, share […]

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Kickstarter Project “tōd:Connect Real World Actions to Mobile Devices and the Web”

The Kickstarter project “tōd:Connect Real World Actions to Mobile Devices and the Web” is now online, and I recommend all readers of my blog to visit the pages since I’m involved in this project as well. For people who were interested in the location micro cells I created as my first BLE hardware can […]

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German article on the web summarizes my Ph.D. thesis work

Hello everyone, Today I found an old article summarizing my Ph.D. thesis work which is in german. The title of the article is “Körperwelten auf die Festplatte gebannt” and can be downloaded as PDF document from the following link: If you are interested in more details concerning the project please drop me a line. Cheers, […]

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