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Latest addition: nRF52 Development Kit

Hey BLE developers after some months of planning and renovation we finally moved into our new home and I have again time to deal with hardware development kits and focus on HomeKit and Smarthome and Sensors and IoT and embedded systems and… and….and… Before xmas I have already ordered and unboxed the nRF52 Development kit […]

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LILA – Long Independent Living Assistant

Hello everyone, after ages I published another article in the proceeding of the XII Usability Day in Dornbirn Austria: Kroll M., Schmidt-Weitmann S., Zecchino W., Otto U., Meienberger B., Brockes C. LILA – Long Independent Living Assistant in: Beiträge zum Usability Day XII, Assistenztechnik für betreutes Wohnen 16. Mai 2014 ISBN 978-3-89967-943-4 The article gives […]

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Using BLExplr v1.6.0 to upgrade Bluegiga’s BLE112 or BLE113 firmware over the air (OTA)

Hello everyone, Bluegiga has released another SDK which supports OTA firmware upgrades. In v 1.2.2 of their SDK Bluegiga optimised the OTA procedure so I just digged into the Application Note “Implementing OTA Firmware upgrade”. After some issues on iOS and not knowing exactly how to deal with the “write without response” characteristics, I implemented […]

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BLE-Shield v2.0.0 – Explaining the update firmware feature using DFU mode.

Hello everyone, since the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 availability on is imminent, I described how to update the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 firmware to act as an iBeacon and back to the original BLE-Shield v2.0.0 firmware. The update procedure has been added to the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 description: Please let me know if you encounter any issues by writing […]

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eInk Connector Shield

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago I found a 2.7 Inch e-Paper Display provided by Embedded Artists: It supports Arduino and is cheap EUR29 compared to other solutions in that size available in the web. When I hook i up to an Arduino UNO R3 it looks like this, which is described in their document […]

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Arduino BLE Shield Kickstarter Project finally ended!

Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce that the BLE-Shield Kickstarter was finished with the shipment of the second batch. We have posted the final update on Kickstarter which you can read here: Again I wanted to thank all backers who made this project possible. See you on the next project maybe, Michael.

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The BLE-Shield is finally on Kickstarter !

Hello guys, finally I managed to get the BLE-Shield, teamed up with Jonathan Prevo and Don Mallicot again. See the following link to get to the Kickstarter Project: I decided to startover on Kickstarter, since the initial poll I made to get an estimate how many people are interested in a shield, showed me […]

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