Bridging EnOcean Sensors and Actuators to HomeKit using HAP-NodeJS

Hello HomeKit enthusiasts,

after my catching up again with NodeJS and HomeKit sensor integration using HAP-NodeJS I ordered a couple of new sensors for the integration into our new home. I have already tweeted about an EnOcean enabled Window Handle which I’m going to tell you more about in this post as well.

First of all I was using a Raspberry PI running HAP-NodeJS. In order to detect EnOcean telegrams sent out by the sensors I ordered a Add-On Board Enocean Pi 868Mhz and the NodeJS module node-enocean-utils.

Add-On Board Enocean Pi 868Mhz

The demos on the node-enocean-utils were sufficient to start and easy to extend and integrate into a HAP-NodeSJ Bridge installation. The eep samples and the documentation available on the EnOcean website were helpful to implement additional telegram types for the different profiles implemented in the Hoppe Window handles.

In particular I have integrated 2 Hoppe SecuSignal Window Handles, 2 NODON Window and Door Sensors, 2 Eltako TF-FKE Window Switches and one Omnio EnOcean Wall Switch 2/4-Channel.

HOPPE 10804192 SecuSignal 0530/FR-408 Atlanta F9

NODON Window and Door Sensor

Eltako TF-FKE

Omnio EnOcean Wall Switch 2/4-Channel

See the following video for a running demo of all the above mentioned sensors/actuators integrated into my HomeKit environment.

Please feel free to contact me via twitter if you need to get more details on the implementation, where to get those sensors and how reliable the integration works.

Best, Michael