Finally the DropBeacon v1.0.1 iOS App is approved

Hello iBeacon enthusiasts,

after a little struggle with the Apple Review Team, DropBeacon v1.0.1 was approved for the Apple App Store.

You might have read the blog post at about Apple locking down iBeacon:

The DropBeacon update was affected by this as well.

The updated to v1.0.1 has no longer a UUID editor included. Apple somehow forced me to remove the editor functionality to get the update approved. I asked them what about adding the three UUIDs which has beed added to the AirLocate sample provided by Apple at WWDC2013. They never responded, but I tried it with the following UUIDs:

  • E2C56DB5-DFFB-48D2-B060-D0F5A71096E0
  • 5A4BCFCE-174E-4BAC-A814-092E77F6B7E5
  • 74278BDA-B644-4520-8F0C-720EAF059935

and the finally approved the update. You can select one of the above listed UUIDs and type in whatever major or minor ID you like to broadcast.

Sorry for removing functionality with the update. It was not my intention to sell the app for $1.00, and then reduce its functionality with the next update. I hope you guys understand and the app is still useful to you.