BLE11x Evaluation Board OTA add-on module finished

Hello everyone,

you might remember my post about my first OTA experiences with the BLE11x and SDK 1.2.1 Build91. I was using the bulky prototype hand soldered module as illustrated below.

A few days ago I received the PCB I designed for my DKBLE11x OTA AddOn Module which is only about one square inch in size as illustrated in the picture below.

Attached to the BLE11x development board (here the BLE112 Evaluation Board) it looks like the picture below.

Now my question is as follows. Would it make sense to create a product to of it and get it listed at Seeedstudios Bazaar? Since the module is small and contains only a few parts it will not be too expensive so maybe it will be of interest for BLE11x developers to get such a module for OTA tests. Of course I will provide the PCB design on my github pages and since the PCB is ordered as OSHPark you can order the PCB from there as well.

Thanks for you interest and your comments on providing it as a possible new product,