The BLE-Shield is finally on Kickstarter !

Hello guys,

finally I managed to get the BLE-Shield, teamed up with Jonathan Prevo and Don Mallicot again. See the following link to get to the Kickstarter Project:

I decided to startover on Kickstarter, since the initial poll I made to get an estimate how many people are interested in a shield, showed me that I could never afford it to pay for this amount upfront.

The final design of the Shield v1.0.0 is already finished and the manufacturer is waiting for green light to start production. So there won’t be any delays anymore. Once the project is funded I will start production immediately an the manufacturer will ship the BLE Shields to your hands.

So now it’s your turn, Kickstarters. Pledge for BLE-Shields and get on in october!

Thank you very much for supporting the product!