BLE Shield Beta Test in Zurich (All Shields out!)

Update 2012-07-16: There are no more shields available!

Hello Arduino users in Zurich,

as I already mentioned during my IoT Talk las week, I want to start a BLE Shield Beta Test in Zurich.

Why only Zurich? Well the Beta test will focus in hard- and firmware tests. If the firmware needs to be adjusted I can do this and reflash the Shields of the testers while meeting them for a beer somewhere in town. Well there will be some exceptions but I hope to give the majority of the shields to testers in Zurich.

They are not free giveaways. Testers have to pay 70 CHF for a shield and can pay using the donate button on this blog. Please send me an E-Mail if you are interested in participating in the beta test and let me know in what kind of project you would like to use the shield.

For the beta test, I will add a readonly characteristic to the BLE-Shield Service, where you can read the owners name. The firmware of the beta shields will be unique.

The additional Characteristic looks as follows:

<characteristic uuid="E8A6256C-1744-41FC-B1CF-63FC794EA2FB">
  <properties read="true" const="true"/>
  <value>Your Name</value>

Please write me an email to m dot kroll add mac dot com if you are interested in participating in the Beta. I hope to get good feedback in order to make the firmware as solid as possible.

Thank you very much,