BLE Shield for Arduino Presentation

The BLE Shield for Arduino presentation slides of the yesterdays speech I held at the IoT/ZH Meetup are online now.

You can download the slides as single PDF file using this link:

As I mentioned during the talk, I’m looking for beta testers in Zurich which will be given a BLE Shield just for the cost of the parts in order to create a solid firmware.

Why only Zurich? Well since it is easier to reflash the shield with a new firmware if we encounter issues during the beta test phase. We can meet somewhere in Zurich, I can come arround with a notebook and a CC Debugger and flash the new firmware to the shields.

I will post details on how to get into the beta program by the end of this week, since I need to calculate the price for the BLE Shield 0.9.2 hand soldered shields first.

Thanks for joining yesterdays talk,