Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Arduino Shield Preorder Survey ended and an update on the availability

I ended the preorder survey, since I think the response I got from the Octopus Survey was amazing. Spending a little time with Numbers, I created this chart to give you an impression where the preorders came from:

I had to kick some preorders out, since there was no personal data added. I don’t wanted to use this Info to spam you, but to get an impression, where the demand comes from and send you a personal email, once the Shield is available and thank you for the participation in the survey. This will follow soon!

I’m still in the phase of getting an estimate on the production costs. Since I don’t want to open a web shop on my own and handle the shipping myself, I’m currently talking to the guys at Seeedstudio to get the shield manufactured, tested and available in their webshop. So if everything goes well, I hope they will manufacture the BLE-Shield and  add it to their shop for order. Hope the board will not get too expensive in the end.

Sorry for the delay!