Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Arduino Shield Eagle and Firmware (v0.9.2) files Open Sourced!

After some time I finally managed to look at license types, and I’ve chosen the same licenses as the Arduino boards are licensed.

The Eagle files (Board and Schematic) are licensed under the Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0 and the firmware under LGPL.

Please modify the PCB and the firmware as you like and please share your ideas, changes and additions here on my blog. I hope to give you all who demanded the sources and PCB files a better insight of what is happening in the firmware of the shield and show you that it is not a kind of rocket science behind it. Since there is some space left on the BLE112 module to extend the functionality of the BLE-Shield firmware, I’d love to get some comments on the currently implemented functionality and how I can possibly change the firmware to make it even better. Furthermore the BLE-Shield could be extended as well. Please let me know what you think!

Eagle Board and Schematic Files

BlueGiga BLE112 Firmware Project

The BlueGiga BLE112 module firmware was compiled against “Bluetooth Smart Software Development Kit 1.0.3 Build 43”.