First batch of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Location Microcells finished and tested

A while a go I started to create a first PCB design for a Bluetooth Low Energy Microcell, which should be used to setup an indoor localization system. The PCB has been manufactured in december and I assembled it during the xmas holidays.

Using the iBLE application, which is a generic BLE explorer app and still under development, I can discover the macrocells and read their RSSI. There is still some work to do in order to locate an iPhone4S indoors, but I wanted to share the progress of this project with anybody who is interested.

Here you can see the four BLE Microcells:

The microcells are battery powered and once the battery is attached to the holders, the microcells can be discovered using the BLExplr application.

Please leave me a comment if you are interested in the microcells or the project itself.

Thanks, Michael.