Reflow Kit successfully tested. SMD Test-Board soldered.

A while ago I ordered the “Big Beta-Reflow-Kit” from Beta-Layout to move to reflow soldering my hardware prototypes instead of soldering SMD parts by hand. Today I successfully soldered the SMD Test-Board which is part of the kit. Since I ordered the Reflow-Controller as well, the controller needed to be “learned” which was as easy to do as the soldering.

Adding the solder paste was easier than expected. Placing the SMD parts, especially the 0603 parts, a little tricky since I had too much coffee already and my hands were shaking. The soldering process took just 7 minutes and I got nicely reflowed PCB out of the small oven.

This is the empty SMD Test-Board and the the soldered one:

I’ll use the Reflow-Kit hopefully next week to reflow solder the new version 1.1 of the BT-RFID-Tagreader I ordered from PCB-Pool. I can’t wait to see the new board soldered with the reflow kit!