Bluetooth HF RFID Reader PCB received and assembled

The initial PCB design was finished on October 17th, but since it takes some time to produce and ship it I finally received it yesterday.

After tweaking some design faults with isolated copper wire I got the RFID Reader working after about three hours. Well the firmware was already written and the WT12 configuration just needed to be downloaded to the module.

After fixing, soldering, measuring voltages, flashing firmwares here is the final assembled “Bluetooth RFID Tagreader”.

Since there were 3 design faults in the schematic and to ease up fixing those possible bugs, I don’t added ground (GND) layers to top and bottom of the PCB. I fixed the bugs in v1.1 of the schematic and added the ground layers to the PCB and ordered another two PCBs.

I’ll write another update blog post after I received the top part of the enclosure and will publish a short video showing the reader in action after all.