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BLE Shield for Arduino Presentation

The BLE Shield for Arduino presentation slides of the yesterdays speech I held at the IoT/ZH Meetup are online now. You can download the slides as single PDF file using this link: As I mentioned during the talk, I’m looking for beta testers in Zurich which will be given a BLE Shield just for the […]

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Arduino Shield Eagle and Firmware (v0.9.2) files Open Sourced!

After some time I finally managed to look at license types, and I’ve chosen the same licenses as the Arduino boards are licensed. The Eagle files (Board and Schematic) are licensed under the Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0 and the firmware under LGPL. Please modify the PCB and the firmware as you like and please share your ideas, […]

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Arduino Shield Prototype finished.

After spending some time on hardware- and software development I finally finished a first working prototype of an Arduino Bluetooth Low Energy Shield. A detailed story about the shield shown below can be found in the Hardware Section or directly using this link: Read what others are writing about the BLE Shield: […]

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