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The MiKro – An Arduino UNO form factor based board using the ATmega 1284p micro controller

Hello everyone, some people have noticed on twitter that I was trying to compile the optiboot boot loader for the ATmega 1284p for the 5V/16MHz configuration. I finally succeeded and created the MiKro board which is described in a little more detail on it’s dedicated project page: Although the the MiKro is work in progress […]

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Alpha Version of the BLE-Shields v2.0.0 ANCS firmware and Arduino Library available

Hello everyone, since I’m preparing for a two week dive vacation right now and I don’t wanted to keep the current status of the ANCS firmware development secret any longer, I pushed the current status of the code to my github repository: the corresponding Arduino Library can be downloaded from this link: The firmware and […]

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BLEBee and SODAQ: The perfect fit!

Hello everyone, this weekend I received a SODAQ beta board for some testing with the BLEBee and just grabbed some parts from my electronic boxes to create a “Plant Moisture Sensor”. The part list for this little project is: 1 SODAQ Moja Board 1 BLEBee ( 1 Groove Moisture Sensor ( 1 Groove Cable ( […]

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BLE-Shield v2.0.0 ready for Beta testing

Hello everyone, the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 now entered Beta Testing state. It is almost finished, but I want to get some makers the possibility to get an early access hands-on before it will be manufactured and available globally. The product description is already available in the Hardware section of this blog: The test sketches for Arduino UNO […]

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BLEBee v1.0.0 Rev.B. Pin Out

BLEBee v1.0.0 is now a final product

Hello everyone, the BLEBee left beta test status and is now declared final product. The product description is now available in the Bluetooth Hardware section of this blog: Since the hardware is open, all design files are available from my github account: The BLEBee will be produced soon and will be hopefully available at Seeedstudio […]

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Arduino BLE Shield

Firmware v1.1.0 available for the BLE-Shield v1.0.0

Hello everyone, I already published the new firmware v1.1.0 for the BLE-Shield v1.0.0 to my github repository which is available through this link: In this firmware I omitted the internal 16 byte buffer so the shield now acts better as a serial bridge as before. I removed the control characteristics to query the content of […]

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Arduino BLE Shield

BGLib on the BLE-Shield v1.0.0

Hello everyone, I should have done this earlier, but good things need some time. As you might know, Jeff Rowberg @SectorFej as a BGLib Implementation created and published on github: which runs on Arduino. You need a special firmware for the BLE112 module to be flashed which is available on his github repository as well. The BLE112 […]

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A whole family of BLE devices. The BLEbee, the BLE-Shield v2.0.0 and the early version of the BLE-Duino 32u4

Hello everyone, this time I have a pile of news for you. Since the development of the BLE-Shield and the initial prototype of the BLEbee, I did some more research and prototyping on three new BLE enabled boards: BLE-Shield v2.0.0 (need another iteration before a private beta test) BLEbee v1.0.0 (almost ready for a private […]

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Preview of the K-Duino

Hello everyone, initially I was planning to use the ATmega2560, similar to the setup used on Sparkfun’s Mega Pro 3.3V to create an Arduino Clone of my own. I played around with an ATmega644p some months ago before I created the BLE-Shield but I stopped working on it due to the lack of spare time invested […]

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